Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Character Motivation

This is a photo of us climbing the last series of steps before reaching the peak of Diamond Head Crater in Hawaii. It was a tough hike for little Luke, but we kept telling him it was worth it.

"The view, Luke! Wait until you see the view!"

Writing is a little like that, isn't it? Hard work. Exhausting, actually, but totally exhilarating once you get to THE END!

I'm getting closer to my THE END with another revision after getting back my brilliant notes from my two Beta readers, my hubby and Brilliant Beth- yes, Beth, you've a new nickname now. (See my blog post on the process)

Today I worked hard on my characters' motivations. What makes them tick? Why do they love, kill and sacrifice their lives for a cause? And most importantly, how do my characters' decisions effect and steer the plot?

I'm a very goal-orientated person. I decide I want something and do it whether it kills me. (Yes, this is how I finish books but it can be a very bad thing as in no sleep or frustration)

I guess my characters tend to be goal oriented too, but they need to fail. And not just the main character, my other key characters too. That's the hard part. Because I want them to have the happily ever after. Still, we can't always get everything we want!
So in this draft, I'm highlighting my characters' inner strength and motivation to get them to their goal, despite their failures and insecurities.
Have you ever accomplished something really difficult, and despite setbacks, succeeded? I'd love to hear about it!


Unknown said...

I could get used to that nickname!! :) (and *blushes* at the nice things you said on the MiG blog)

I like how you're looking at inner strength and motivation. I struggle with that, especially with my male character.

Have I accomplished something difficult? Hmmm...not yet. But I am still trying, so that counts for something!

MG Higgins said...

I've made that trek up Diamond Head Crater and the hike WAS worth the effort.

I guess my biggest accomplishment with lots of set-backs was getting my master's degree. It was also definitely worth the effort.

Great analogy!

Christina Farley said...

Beth- you are too modest!
MG Higgins- Wow! That is neat that you climbed Diamond Head too. I liked the lighthouse at the bottom. Way to go on that Masters degree.

I think mine was giving birth to my kids and then the nursing part afterwards. That was really hard for me because both boys were alergic to milk products, citrus and soy that I ate.

Now just take a moment and think what has milk or soy.

Yep. Pretty much everything. So I was ALWAYS hungery! And my poor bones afterwards. Broke a few too thanks to the lack of calcium. At least I lost all my preg weight and then some.

PJ Hoover said...

Once I accomplish something, it's hard to look back and consider it difficult. At the time so many things seem hard.
Hmmm...the first two weeks of breastfeeding?