Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guest Blog Post

Kirsten is doing an awesome blog series called "Around the World". For yesterday's post she asked me to share about my experiences overseas and how they affect my writing. Head over to her awesome blog, Romantic Meets the World, and check it out!

The picture above is me on the tiny island of Samosir that's located in Sumatra the middle of Lake Toba, one of the biggest lakes in the world.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Satellite Beach

The other weekend we decided to get out and head over to Satellite Beach. It's close to Cocoa Beach, but quieter and not so touristy. We joined up with some friends and stayed at a condo that overlooked the ocean. Talk about the perfect writing place!

The waves were pretty big and on the first day the ripe tide was strong because of a tropical storm out off the coast. But the second day we were there, the ocean was calm enough for the boys to get out and learn how to boogie board.

They loved it! Plus we found buckets of shells that were being dragged into the tide. (See the picture of Luke and his girl friend digging for shells. Aren't they adorable?)

From Orlando its one of the closest beaches if you are looking for something quieter and cleaner. From downtown Orlando, give yourself about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there.

Personally I like the Gulf Coast better, but the waves can't be beat on the Atlantic.

And if you're there, check out Da Kine's Insane Burrito. Yum yum. They have HUGE burritos that are sure to fill you up after playing in the surf all day.

I'm hoping to have posts of great vacation and getaway spots in Florida on my blog. So if you're heading to Florida, hopefully you'll find some good ideas here of where to go!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

WOW! I'm Blogging!

Okay so I'm about to have a heart attack because I've opened blogger and I'm here typing away. Man, it feels good. It's been soooooooo long since I've blogged. I feel as if I've been lost in some big dark hole and just now resurfacing and I'm here to say:

"Hello bloggers! Remember me?"

I'm dying to get back into things and go and visit all of your lovely blogs. I'm so out of the loop. What's been going on? It's amazing how out of it I feel after being away for the last month.

Yes, I've been busy and I really needed the time to get my life in order. I'm not saying things are perfect (HA!) but I'm ready to embark back into the world of blogging again.

I will say that living back in the States is so different and I'm feeling incredibly spoiled. Everytime I turn on my washing machine or dishwasher I feel like doing a little jig. (Okay, so I really do a jig, but only when no one is looking.)

I think I've eaten too many Twizzlers though. (I know, I didn't think that was possible, but evidently my consumption has been a LITTLE overboard).

So sending you all a wave across the Internet!