Sunday, August 12, 2012

Winner of the Hunger Games Contest!

I'm so excited to announce my winner for the Hunger Games movie contest!

The winner of the movie poster, lanyard, and movie companion book goes to:

Send me your address so I can mail you the stuff! My email address is farley dot christinaL at gmail dot com.


Maddy Merzvinskis said...

Thanks sooo much!! I'm very excited. :)
I just emailed you but I just wanted to make sure that it was the correct email address before I go handing out my mailing adress. I would hate for it to go to the wrong person!!
Thanks again. :)
I also loved how you linked my name to my twitter page, that was cool. Hehe.
So if you did get my email and confirm that that was the correct address then I will be happy to give you my mailing address! -Maddy Merzinskis.

Kimbra Kasch said...

Congrats to Maddy!

Christina Farley said...

Maddy, I emailed you back. I hope you got it!

Maddy Merzvinskis said...

Kim Kasch - Thankyou!! I'm very lucky. :)

Christina, I just had a look and I didn't get it. :/