Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That Secret Place

One of my favorite songs is "Sail Away" by Enya. I can totally picture myself jumping on board a random sailboat and slipping away into the sunset, my hair flying behind me like the movies.

Okay, so that's totally cheesy, but sometimes I do have that urge to get away and escape. Do you ever feel this way? Like when the kids are throwing fits over their homework, or when I get too many emails from work, or when the cats have shattered my favorite bowl from Bali, or when FIRE ANTS invade my house.

That's one of the things I love about writing. I can find that escape in my stories. After I put the boys to bed, I slip away to the front room, curl up on the couch with a million pillows, laptop tucked into my lap, and I start typing away. All the problems vanish and it's just me and my own little world. I call it my Secret Place.

Tonight I told my youngest it was time to start working on his homework. He said, "Maybe later, Mommy. Right now I'm taking a break and relaxing in Bora Bora."

I laughed so hard. I couldn't deny that Bora Bora sounded perfect right about then.

Sometimes we as writers need to have that Secret Place where no one can find us and we can escape.

Do any of you have a Secret Place, too?


Unknown said...

I confess. I have occasionally fantasized about grabbing my passport and credit card and disappearing. Of course, I know I'd eventually be found. Much safer to escape into those imaginary worlds.

Bish Denham said...

There are a couple of place in the Virgin Islands I can escape to in my head.

That was so funny what your son said. And GAK fire ants! I hope you've been able to get rid of them.

Most important...CHRISTINA, there is something for you on my blog. COME on over and take a look!

Karen Strong said...

I so feel you on the escape! :)

I love escaping to the beach when I can but if I can't make it there, I just revisit my postcards and lounge on my chaise and reminisce.

Crystal Ridlon said...

I write to get closer to God. He speaks to my heart as I type life lessons he's teaching me! My secret place is a Kettle Pond, on Cape Cod. So serene and relaxing!

Marcia said...

Love that sky and water photo, AND your son's Bora Bora comment. I think we have both physical and mental secret places. Just an easy chair in the bedroom is my favorite.

Ronald L. Smith said...

Wonderful! My secret place is not a place but a state of mind...when the words and images are coming so fast my fingers can barely keep up. The writer John Gardner called this the fictive dream.

Great post.

Angela said...

your son cracked me up! I kinda think homework is so unfair after spending all day at school....I get the need to just CHILL for awhile.

One place i love is a footbath in our town - spring fed, freezing cold, but it totally takes your mind off everything else when you are walking around that water pool and concentrating on stepping just right (my neighbors will tell me if I'm doing it wrong)