Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Do You Write?

Today I taught imaginative narrative to my 2nd graders. Basically, it’s a formal way for saying, “Now you're going to write a really cool story!” Anyway, one of the things I talked to them about was how they needed to find their niche. The type of story that works for best for their voice.

The thing is, often you have to experiment to find what you’re best at writing.

For instance, I really suck at comedy. I’ll never forget when my critique partner told me my comedy scene reminded her of Scooby Doo. Yeah, it was that bad. And believe me, I love my crit buddy for telling me that. I still giggle thinking about that scene. Let’s just say it has been happily deleted.

But what I am good at is writing action/fight scenes. Oh and suspense scenes, too. Love those. Not only are they so much fun to write, but they’re the perfect motivation for me to get my butt in the chair and get my daily word count in. My biggest challenge now is to not put too many action/fighting scenes in my books. Otherwise reading my stories could be a lot like drinking an endless supply of caffeine. Or an overload of chocolate.

But then, too much chocolate can’t be bad, can it?

So what type of stories are you best at writing? Mysteries? Romance? Action? Comedy?


Unknown said...

Scooby Doo! Eeep! *blushes*

Christina Farley said...

(Smile)... and more giggles

Bish Denham said...

I think I'm best at writing light-hearted stories about animals (and humans too) with a sprinkling of humor.

Casey McCormick said...

You are good at action scenes!!! I think I'm still trying to figure out what I'm best at writing. : p

Carmella Van Vleet said...

Don't know yet. Like Casey, I haven't figured it out.