Thursday, July 29, 2010

Writing Space

So my biggest issue I'm dealing with right now is finding time to write. I don't have a writing area set up yet, but I do have a room all to myself for my writing. I'm so excited about it! I need to think of a name for the room besides office. Office sounds so bla. Something like Wardrobe or Writers Cove. Still working on ideas!

I also need to set up a time to write and once I start teaching (YES! I got a teaching job- yippee! I'll be teaching 2nd grade), then I'll have to figure out if early mornings or late nights will work best for my new schedule. I find having a consistent schedule and a home base to write in really helps me keep focused. Often I write in other places, but a home base is a must.

I love Laura Manivong's writing space. She's got color and fun all put together.

Things I NEED in my writing space:
1. Desk and comfy chair.
2. Lots of table space for all my crazy webs and charts and cool words that I like.
3. Twizzlers (yes, this is a must)
4. A window -wish it was a view of this:

5. Figurine of Jane Austen because she's my heroine.
6. Email so I can frantically chat with my critique buds when I'm stuck.
7. Headphones (but only when I'm fast drafting, can't do it during edits)
8. Water and coffee

How about you? Where do you write? What are musts that you must have when you write? Do you have a special name for your writing place?


Kirsten said...

Ooh, lucky you! I like the sound of "Writer's Cove". Or cave? Or does that sound too hermit-ish?

In my imaginary writer's cove, I'd have a big white board for charts and plotting, a bunch of posters/pictures of things that relate to my WIP, and an endless supply of tea.

Congrats on the teaching job!!

Kelly Polark said...

I like Writer's Cove! Or Writer's Haven. Congrats on your teaching job!! The kids will love you!
I wish I had a writing area. I usually write on the couch in the family room!

Marcia said...

Mine's kind of cave-like. I agree with lots of table space. I also need an easy chair and end table with lamp, which really seals the deal as far as living in this room. Obviously, I need the computer and all its amenities. And tons of bookshelves. I do call it the office, as part of impressing on people "Yes, I'm for real here" -- which still can be challenging even after you publish. Congrats on the teaching job!

Christina Farley said...

I love your ideas! Thanks guys.

Buttercup said...

Congratulations on your teaching job. Those are lucky kids. I write notes just about anywhere. Sometimes I even do a good draft on the subway. But then I am at the computer for more serious revisions.

Rena Jones said...

Congratulations on your teaching job! I write in a chair in the corner of my bedroom. It has an ottoman, so it's pretty comfortable. I move back and forth to my bed though. I can't write in our office or if the kids are running around. Writer's Cove sounds like a fun name. You'll need a sign for the door ...