Thursday, September 24, 2009

Website finished!

Sick, sick, and more sickness all around our home. It's been a tough week here at the Farleys but I think I'm coming out of the murky darkness of sick bay. And here I'd planned on getting so much writing stuff done. Like polishing my query and synopsis. Yeah, right.

But I did revamp my website! Yeah! I'm hoping it will give editors and agents a glimpse of who I am as a writer. Check it out at:

While we were all sick at home, guess where my husband was? Hong Kong! Jealous? You should be. At least I was. But I was really glad he could go. He attended a tech conference on how to incorporate technology into your classroom. He said it was very innovative and exciting.

I'm going to leave you with a movie clip of his junk boat trip on the harbor of Hong Kong. The last time I went, I was pregnant with Luke so it brought back good memories for me too. Oh, and the photo above was taken by Doug from Kowloon, Hong Kong.


MG Higgins said...

Your website is fantastic! It's attractive but simple to use. (Complicated and confusing web graphics are a turn-off for me.)

Hong Kong is beautiful. I can see why you were jealous of your husband taking that trip.

Kimbra Kasch said...

Love the website. The color is very soothing - great for stressed out publishing folks.

Plus I love the little clip above - cool waterfront at night.

Hope you all feel better. :)

Nandini said...

So strange, I've been dealing with the almost the same stuff over here--sick kid, redoing website, trying to get back to writing.
I'm glad you and yours are feeling better! I think your new website looks lovely! The only thing I'd suggest is resize some of the images so scroll bars do not appear next to them (the long landscape and the picture of you with the door). Maybe that is just happening on my computer?
I'm really intrigued by your novels (and impressed by how many you've completed!)!

PJ Hoover said...

Very nice webpage! And are you on the blueboards? The pic on your bio page looks familiar.

Unknown said...

Great website! :) Did you use WEbsite Tonight? I love it!!!

Christina Farley said...

MG- Thanks! My goal was simple too. I'm glad you liked it.
Kim- Yes, isn't Hong Kong an amazing city? And I am already feeling much better.
Nandini- Yes, I fixed that. I wasn't sure how to for a while, but figured it out! I rewrote my bio and stuff like that too.
PJ- Yes, I'm a frequent visitor of the Blueboards. I'm Christy there. :)
Beth- You are right! Website tonight is what I used. So easy!

Kelly Polark said...

I love your new website!! You have a lot of magazine publications coming up, congrats!!
I loved the clip of Hong Kong too. I've never been to anywhere but North America!!

Suzanne Young said...

Your website looks great!!!!!

Christina Farley said...

Thanks Suzanne! It's a start and it's so easy to tweak and change too.