Saturday, June 13, 2009


School is officially out for me. Yeah! It's been a crazy May and June, but now its over. My classroom is packed and now I just have to prepare for our move. We're moving two floors down but the move will happen while we are gone so we're really making sure everything is boxed and labeled properly.

4 more days until we head home! We'll be stopping in Hawaii and then onto Atlanta. Can't wait! I'm already making a list of all the things I'm going to do and eat. Fun!

Oh, and thanks to all who entered the contest. I will close the contest on my Sunday (Korea time) or Saturday, June 14th, midnight EST in the US.

So while I'm eating peppermint patties and fruit all summer long, what will you be doing?


Kelly Polark said...

Have a safe trip back, Christina! How long will you be in the states? You must be so excited!

Unknown said...

Don't you love the freedom of summer?! :) Have a safe trip back! You won't be too far away from me :)

Jen and Steven said...

I'll be searching for that still-elusive perfect job; trying to keep the weed population in my yard under control; hopefully going camping a few more times; and generally just relishing in the long days and warm temperatures! Any chance you're headed west this year?

Rena Jones said...

Cool! How long will you be in Hawaii? Have a safe trip home. Where in the States are you from?

I'm not sure what I'll be up to. There's a chance we might fly down to CA to visit my ILs, but it's not for sure yet. Maybe some short camping trips up here though.

Have a great summer!

Laurie J. Edwards said...

Have fun! Sounds fabulous! While you're headed this way, I'm headed to Seoul. Beth suggested I contact you. I'll be there from July 24-Aug. 4 & was wondering if anyone knew of any schools in Seoul who would want an author presentation (in English). I just had two YAs come out--a biography, Rihanna (People in the News), from Lucent and an anthology, Summer Lovin', from Wild Rose Press. I'd love to visit a school or schools while I'm there.

Laurie J. Edwards

Brenda said...

Christina...I hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe trip...Enjoy!

PJ Hoover said...

Happy travels! Will you be back for good, or is this for the summer only?

Christina Farley said...

Kelly- Thanks! We'll be back early August so it's a nice long summer. And yeah, I'm totally thrilled.

Beth- Love it!!! Yes, I will be close to you! Someday we are going to hook up. How long will you be in Florida? We'll be in Orlando at the end of June and July.

Jen- weeding! You are so good. Someday I'm going to have you teach me all the amazing things you know. No, we aren't headed out west this summer, but we are coming to see you one day. I promise!

Rena- We'll only be in Hawaii 5 days since it's a layover. But it should be fun! I'm from the south so that's where we'll spend most of our summer.

Laurie- You're killing me! I'll be gone that whole time! I'm a part of the SCBWI chapter here in Korea and we love it when authors come. I don't think any schools are in session right now. That is really too bad because there are a lot of schools who would die to have an author be here to do a visit. I'll email more later.

PJ- We will be coming back to Korea after the summer, but I think it's going to be our last year for a while. We're itching to be closer to family. At least for a couple of years.