Monday, December 15, 2008

Twilight Comes to Korea!

Twilight is here! I begged my hubby to take me and so it was a proclaimed date night. We scootered down to Sinchon (it’s a district near our apartment) all bundled up.

A large crowd had gathered outside the Mega Box Theater. Though there were no screaming fans, there was an energy that permeated the place. It was contagious!

Once inside, we bought our tickets, picking center seats from the computer screen. Then we headed to the concession stand. Our choices included the usual: popcorn, squid, or corn dogs. Though tempted by the honey roasted squid, I chose popcorn. Butter flavor.

The movie was great- even with Korean subtitles. I thought Kristen Stewart as Bella did a fabulous job and was mostly satisfied with Robert Pattinson as Edward. The makeup was a bit overdone and I thought the Cullens as a whole could have been flashier as that’s how I pictured them in the book. But the scenery and views added to the mood and I liked the hints at the future books. Sequel! And the audience loved it too (At least that’s what I assumed the reason for the screaming and sighs).

Walking out, we spotted some of our students. They were squealing and jumping around over the movie. I was half tempted to run over and squeal with them, but restrained myself much to the of my husband’s relief.


Unknown said...


Heh, I love how you mentioned your popcorn was butter flavored, like there are other options...then I realized there might be... :) I LOVE hearing about life in Korea! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Jen and Steven said...

I wonder if you really were seriously tempted by the honey roasted squid; you have lived in Korea for quite a while now :-) I haven't delved into the world of Twilight as of yet, but I'm planning to read at least one book to see what all the fuss is about. Glad you enjoyed the movie and I'm loving the blog!

C.R. Evers said...

I still need to see that movie! Heck, I haven't even read the book yet.!!! I better get on it!

It's neat to hear about reactions in a different country!


Christina Farley said...

Beth- You are right. Flavored popcorn is really popular here in Korea as well as Japan.

Jen- Yeah, I was late in reading Twilight but since I write that age level, I figured I should find out what all the fuss is about. It's a good story though.

Rena Jones said...

I'm guessing you heard the film in English, since you said it had Korean subtitles, right? Is that easy to follow along or do you find yourself looking at the words?

Sounds like a great night out! I think I would have opted for the popcorn over the squid too. :)